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GSF3 and GSF6 Ground-Stake Landscape Loudspeakers
Compact, weather-resistant GSF3 (two-way coaxial 3-inch) and GFS6 (two-way coaxial 6-inch) aim able landscape loudspeakers provide elegant yet discreet sound solutions for diverse outdoor applications, including shopping malls, theme parks, sports venues and more. Both models deliver full-range, crystal-clear sound and can be extended further with JBL’s new GSB8 and GSB12 landscape subwoofers.

GSB8 and GSB12 In-Ground Landscape Subwoofers
GSB8 (8-inch) and GSB12 (12-inch) in-ground landscape subwoofers augment GSF landscape speakers to provide rich, full-range sound in lawn and garden areas of hotels, shopping complexes, restaurants, public spaces, theme parks or any application that demands deep, powerful bass. Both models extend down to 35 Hz, with a steep, multiple-slope lowpass filter for superior sound.