Wall-Mount Controller

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The BLU-6 wall panel is a simple controller which allows the designer to provide level control and source selection or preset recall in a simple wall-mounted panel.

These controllers connect to the control ports on the rear of any BLU-16, BLU-32 or BLU-80 device.

The BLU-6 offers an eight-way switch and a pair of spin or up/down buttons, enabling the same level parameter to be mapped onto other controllers preventing a jump in audio level when the control is adjusted

The switches have blank areas for marking the switch functions, either directly onto the white area, or on self-adhesive labels.

Version Language Size Uploaded
BLU-6 CAD drawing front  en  29.1 KB  28 Nov 19
BLU-6 Cut Sheet-English  en  0.19  28 Nov 19
BLU-6 Install Guide-English  en  0.66  28 Nov 19
BLU-6 Quickstart Guide-English  en  0.88  28 Nov 19
Soundweb London Family Brochure    1.30  28 Nov 19
HiQnet London Architect    116.51  28 Nov 19
Soundweb London A&E Specs    0.07  28 Nov 19
Warranty Information  en  0.40  28 Nov 19
Chassis Single-Gang EU
Control In Analog (two wire)
Controls 8-position source/preset select, up/down buttons
Config Software